Clinical Office Automation

Focuses on your healthcare and clinician organization workflows to develop process automation to measure performance, and provide plan to improve them.


As a technology and healthcare automation are aggressively changing the industry, iCube Medical delivers effective and practical clinical solutions to advance the vision of a paperless world in the healthcare industry. With its office automation solution through ProCmply, provides a complete and integrated solution to automate the workflow processes for care-delivery organizations. ProComply helps in providing and supporting clinical practice automation and efficiency improvement initiatives to both help healthcare organization to improve in the quality of care, increase in cash-flow and comply with federal regulations.

A Comprehensive Analytics Automation Solution

ProComply's clinical office automation solutions help in optimizing the processes of the healthcare system and increase ROI, enabling access to the elaborate reports that will enable the view of a detailed picture of all the clinical and financial processes, identify the real-time patients' needs, and predict innovative ideas on how to further automate and optimize the processes.

Go Paperless

ProComply can develop cloud-based healthcare automation solutions that allow patients & clinicians to go paperless. Online scheduling and and consent through smart forms helps in going paperless without the hassle off waiting on the front-desk. Our AI-based cloud computing promote automation in healthcare and improve health access. Patients can acquire quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes through ProComply that can be used from mobile devices.

ProComply streamlines back-office processes and helps to optimize patient care for hospitals and healthcare providers with workflow automation and HIPAA compliance solutions. ProComply helps in redefining the process improvement by leveraging state of art and cutting-edge technologies to provide meaningful and manageable solutions to a wide variety of complex challenges in very healthcare operations. ProComply enables organizations to manage regulatory concerns, while developing healthcare solutions on the market-leading cloud platform.

Automating patient-provider communication

ProComply helps in motivating patients to comply with full treatment and enabling patient-provider communication to form an integral part of the healthcare system. ProComply's AI-based automation in healthcare improves patient management and patient engagement resulting in increased patient satisfaction. ProComply provides custom healthcare automation solutions, including workflow process automation, patient appointments and patient monitoring, and telehealth solutions to provide access to quality care and facilitate improved patient-physician interaction.

Practice Software Integration

ProComply helps automated medical systems to support EHR integration and allow transparency through patient portals - promote healthcare workflow process and healthcare process automation and increase hospital revenue by saving all tests into a single system.

Claims Processing and Analysis Automation

ProComply helps in creating healthcare automation solutions to handle online, and all data stored in a claims system. ProComply's custom claim management solutions eliminate the need for any paperwork. Claims can be processed much faster and without any hassle using ProComply’s customized healthcare automation solutions, as compared to the traditional systems.

RCM (revenue cycle management) Automation

ProComply offers various healthcare business intelligence solutions for better management of the healthcare revenue cycle by reducing the risk of errors, improving HIPAA compliance, productivity, and workforce efficiency.

Simplify Patient Admission and Discharge Processes

ProComply helps in saving time and improve customer experience by going paperless enabling the HCPs & Clinicians to approve requests as discharge via the mobile app and for the patient to go through the admission process without long waiting queues and signing procedures.


ProComply's solution in telemedicine provides virtual way of delivering healthcare to more patients remotely and reduce unnecessary face-to-face visits with physicians during the post COVID-pandemic. It can help patients save time on travels and clinical & medical teams can manage their tasks and duties more efficiently.

Online Forms Solution for Simplified Forms Management – Paperless Interactive Conversation

Saves Time | Data Accuracy | Simplified Processes

Initiate 'Paperless Customer Interactions' with ProComply’s intuitive eForms by enabling to create powerful forms, automate workflows, streamlining document generation, and many more. Save hours of time by importing forms from other form repositories.

PQ Act

ProComply eForms provides HIPAA-compliant forms along with business associate agreement (BAA) enabling your organization to collect health information safely and securely.

PQ Act

Customize forms

Custom design and build intuitive and professional forms with ProComply eForms Builder using advanced styling options to match your theme & branding.

PQ Act

Save time and effort

Stay sped fast and simplifying by automating complex tasks with ProComply’s eForms industry leading features.

Collecting information has always been a headache. ProComply makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create a HIPAA-compliant form, and the forms improve the experience. Say goodbye to printed forms, clipboards, and pens and initiate “Paperless Interactive Conversation” using ProComply’s eForms.

With ProComply, enable the collection and centralization all of your medical information, patient feedback, employee applications, and even payments into one place while retaining sensitive patient data remains private and secure

Start Now with Ready-to-Use HIPAA Form Templates

Get started with a professional ProComply eForm and fully customizable and easy to edit!

Go Paperless. Stay Safe!

We’re enabling clinics, healthcare systems (inpatients & outpatients), Spas and Salons to be more efficient and assist more patients/ customers to detect COVID-symptoms before they enter the offices (either clinics, spas or salons).

By using COVID-AnalyzerTM Screener, patients, customers, and staff will be able to do a self-assessment to determine their health status and check for signs of COVID-19 - all before walking into the office. This process will ensure to keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe from entering your offices if they turn positive.

ePass will be issued if the signs are negative and automated alerts will be shared with the office administrator, before entering the office premises.

Go paperless - stay online. Stay Safe - Keep others Safe!

COVID-ComplyTM Features Screener:

COVID-Comply Features

Why Do we Need It?


Eye-care clinics are now gradually beginning to schedule office-appointments, some may still continue to offer telemedicine virtually over the phone or through video conference on a computer or smartphone.

For in-person appointments, staff will have to take several precautionary steps to protect your health.

Accessing the right type of ophthalmic form at the right time is very critical to successful practice administration. ProComply has curated an extensive collection of ophthalmic medical practice forms accessible from its practice eForms library which is absolutely customizable to manage the workflows.


Redefining Ophthalmic-Care Delivery

ProComply's eForms features including centralized digital centers enables quick decision making, continuous clinical monitoring, targeted treatments and the use of smaller, compatible devices helping ophthalmic-care activities.

Digital Patient Experience

ProComply's digital and artificial intelligence (AI) platform can help enable paperless and on-demand interaction and seamless processes to improve the eye-patient experience.


Operational Efficiencies Through Technology

ProComply offers automation solutions, and next-generation interoperability to drive operations management and back-office efficiencies with paperless activities.

Healing and Wellbeing Designs

A conjunctivitis patient really needs not to be in the same physical space as an ophthalmologist to make the diagnosis?ProComply enables the well-being of patients and staff members with an emphasis on visualizing therapies and telemedicine by sharing documents like medical findings & record discussions.


Uncompromised Data Protection

With ProComply, serious patient-related data can be discussed and shared while still acting GDPR ad HIPAA compliant.

Easy Implementation and Usability

Even less tech-savvy people will be able to use ProComply eForms with ease. Customizable forms will enable ophthalmic-patient care providers to easily initiate paperless and intuitive customer conversations.