Is Your Hospital Ready for CMS Mandatory Cardiac Bundles ?

Do you need help within the complex world of CMS mandated cardiac bundle? Is your hospital looking to:

  • Improve patient outcomes?
  • Optimize post-acute-care type/facility decision-making process via point-of-discharge tools
  • Establish a value-based model with physicians and post-acute-care providers?
  • Adopt evidence based clinical & non-clinical decision support?
  • Optimize episodes care cost and increase payor reimbursement?
  • Know financial and patient quality impact before they happen?
Next Steps

iCube Medical conducted primary research on the evolution of value based payor reimbursement and our findings validated the need for a robust Predictive Data Analytics platform tool to manage alternate payor models including payment episodes and risk-sharing reimbursement.

We created the PQuintile™ (P5) for predicting key performance indicators for the five P’s in the healthcare industry: Payor- Policy- Patient- Provider- Physician. PQuintile™ is based on combining clinical knowledge (tribal know-how), data mining, and insights (meta-analysis) in providing actionable predictive information on care outcomes along with simulation to run various payment modelling options

With the help of an elite group of cardiologists, predictive analytics PhDs, nurses and technology experts at iCube, we’ve been working on creating a unique, one-of-a-kind bundled payments solution – PQuintile PAC ™ (Predict, Act & Care) - that can:

  • Provide evidence based insights, risks and recommendations for optimal care
  • Optimize post-acute-care type/facility decision-making process via point-of-discharge tools
  • Minimize readmission and enhance patient satisfaction via collaborative tools


The PQ Predict tool helps in predicting the outcomes for individual patients and hospitals, clinical benchmarking in terms of KPIs, clinical decision support etc.; by analyzing information from historical and current data. The various data sources for this historical and current data include hospitals, Electronic health records, Clinical data (blood work etc.), Non clinical data etc.

  • Hospital performance measurements and prediction
  • Enhanced clinical decision support
  • Financial and clinical continuum-of-care benchmarking and comparative analysis
  • Insights and knowledge management (historical, clinical & non-clinical)
  • Growth rate simulation (historic/ payment models)
  • Patient population/ demographic analysis
  • DRG/ post-acute-care (PAC) analysis
  • Readmission penalty analysis
  • Clinical pathway analysis
  • Financial comparative, modelling (FFS vs. bundled payments)
  • Financial payment reconciliation (NPRA)
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PQ Predictor


The PQ Act is the point of care solution for clinical and nonclinical staff of the ACH. It can be integrated with EHR systems to retrieve patient profile, get patient medical information, take patient surveys (like minicog…etc) and provide recommendations of discharge plan and PAC Distribution.

  • Retrieve Patient Profile and Integrate with EMR
  • Conduct Discharge Surveys (mini cog, etc.)
  • Discharge Planning
  • PAC Setting Recommendations
  • Predict Optimal First PAC setting
  • Predict PAC Length of Stay
  • Predict Therapy Intensity
  • Predict Expected Functional Improvement
  • Predict Burden of Care following PAC discharge
  • Predict Rate of Readmissions
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PQ Act


The PQ Care tool helps in the care coordination and collaboration of ACH staff with ACH (client) partners. This enables the data capture of discharge handoff, patient monitoring, ability for PAC staff to input patient claims data, medical information, provide feedback etc.

  • Post-acute-care (PAC) claims management
  • Patient communications management
  • PAC facility performance management
  • Patient monitoring and tracking
  • Patient claims info
  • Multi-channel communications platform
  • Tele health devices integration capability
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PQ Care

Meet Dr.Oid

PQunitile™ PAC is powered by Dr.Oid ™, Our cloud-based virtual physician that is derived from a series of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technologies and capable of providing predictive analytics, simulation and decision support. PQuintile PAC™ focuses on understanding patient outcome impactability and optimize patient care quality and cost of care during the post-acute care phase of the episode.


Our engagement model and timelines provided below are designed to provide a successful and seamless transition to the value based payment model, by carefully balancing speed with accuracy.

Next Steps

Contact US for a Strategic Partnership

iCube Medical is actively looking for ACH Partners to engage with us in conducting a pilot implementation of PQuintile™ PAC tool, we estimate will run for approximately 60 days.

Our Partner would provide us with the needed data as inputs to seed the model and assign a project manager to actively work with us in this 60-day pilot phase.

Our goal is to tightly calibrate the model to accurately predict actual episode outcomes within a +/-5% error rate.

Contact us as soon as possible to leverage PQuintile™ PAC designed and built by physicians, researchers and data scientists.