Healthcare Disclosure Management

Enhance your productivity. Unlock new possibilities. Boost Efficiencies. Amplify your business impact. iCube Medical in partnership with ProAutomate, provides embedded AI and RPA capabilities for more automated intelligent solutions in healthcare disclosure management.


Accurate and compliant disclosure of protected health information (PHI) of patients is not negotiable.

Life sciences organizations are being mandated to make publicly available more healthcare & clinical research information and data. iCube Medical has been continuously evolving to provide AI-based HDS (healthcare disclosures systems) & CRD (clinical research disclosure) solutions for over a decade, allowing our clients to keep pace with the regulatory requirements.

iCube Medical offers healthcare & clinical disclosure management solutions through ProAutomate's AR (Anonymization & Redaction) solution. iCube Medical can provide advice on requirements through their medical advisory board and, build solutions and deliver operational activities.

iCube Medical has...

  • Attained 100% compliance for over 15,000 healthcare & clinical disclosure deliverables.
  • Built an integrated and customizable healthcare disclosure platform for automated assessment of healthcare & clinical disclosure deliverables.
  • Cost-effective solutions for all disclosure requirements at par with several compliance regulatory streams.

Healthcare disclosure services have been a central part of iCube Medical's business strategy for over a decade and have been supporting over 25 customers in this area, including many leading global pharmaceutical companies and CROs (clinical research organizations). Our advisory board helps client on the specific disclosure requirements for each study and prepare quality deliverables that are compliant to regulatory timelines.

iCube Medical's automated healthcare and clinical trial disclosure help clients to thoroughly and efficiently navigate through complex global regulatory reporting rules and submission challenges. It supports efficient management of the entire disclosure process, including registry assessments, validation and quality checks, review cycles, approvals, and comments from regulatory authorities along with a robust audit trail through compliance reports and performance metrics.

Healthcare Disclosure Management

iCube Medical in partnership with ProAutomate, provides Healthcare Disclosure Management solution – AR (Anonymization & Redaction) as an end-to-end AI technology platform for handling GDPR Compliance, EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada PRCI submissions.

Auto-redact sensitive information instantly with our AI-based redaction suite from ProAutomate.

Bid good-bye to the days of mindless redaction. You no longer have to hire human-staff to go through documents and emails manually looking for sensitive information. ProAutomate's Healthcare Disclosure Management Solution (Redaction & Anonymization) has trained over 100+ AI models to automatically find, and eradicate, all traces of sensitive data instantly. Our redaction & anonymization technology allows for the elimination of manual document review and automatically create structured data from any document, while the redaction & anonymization provides advanced machine learning to redact and provide privacy protection as well.

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AR Solutions

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Assisted Redaction

Automate the identification of all private information (sensitive data) that need to be redacted, enabling intelligent review process using AI technologies to ensure 100% accuracy and verify all the assisted-redactions for quick edits if needed.

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Auto Redaction

Several AI (artificial intelligence) models have been trained to automatically redact all traces of sensitive data instantly removing critical elements and metadata of the information.

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Rules Configurations and Templates

Create your own rules template based on your document types and apply these templates to instruct our AI models to redact and anonymize based your preferences. Our rules are based on more than 50 data points grouped into following categories:

  • Personal Identifiable Information
  • Confidential Information
  • Medical and Clinical Information
  • Company Identifiable Information
  • Product Filtering
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Date and Location Redaction
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Reidentification Risk Analysis

One key part of redaction and anonymization QA process is to quantify “reidentification risk” for the redacted documents. Our solution using k-anonymity technique to identify following risks and quantify them on a scale of 0-100.

  • Prosecutor attacker model
  • Journalist attacker model
  • Marketer attacker model

Your organization can choose to set threshold limits for identification risk, use this information to re-iterate redaction / anonymization with additional configuration parameters, until risk is below your threshold.

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Managing redaction is a multi-step decision process that goes back-and-forth on numerous iteration that needs quality assurance reviews, commenting, and approvals before any document can be released into public domain. Our platform comes with in-built workflow engine that is highly configurable with custom rules for seamlessly managing your documents and process around it to support redaction and anonymization.

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In-Built Content / Document Management

There is no need to link with another third-party document management system to manage your documents. Our Redaction solution comes with a smart document management system that is highly configuration and integrates seamlessly with critical aspects of documents management, sharing and security.

ProAutomate's AR (Anonymization & Redaction) solutions provide unmatched experience in helping clients navigate complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges with a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform adapting to ever-changing disclosure requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Manage entire disclosure workflow with a proven, proprietary process.
  • Customize parameters for AR (anonymization & redaction) as per the organization's needs.
  • Enable role-based actions and notification to streamline reporting.
  • Intelligent validation checks and configurable timing metrics.