HCP Customer Engagement

Our interactive HCP Customer Engagement Solutions will allow you to continually provide rich content to your sales teams. Our solutions are intuitive, strategic, interactive and highly successful.


Did you know?

  • 45% of prescribers restrict sales rep access to their practice.
  • Most commonly cited issue sales reps experience is a disconnected digital toolkit on their iPads.
  • On average, sales reps need access to 15 apps and have 15 separate passwords to gain access to collateral.
  • #1 item on the sales rep wish list is one personalized dashboard with “everything in one place.”.

Intuitive. Effective. Engaging. Our team has developed and launched multiple highly acclaimed platforms in the healthcare industry. Our clients trust us to manage the process from end-to-end. We ensure that each eDetailing solution meets their strategic goals and allows their salesforce to quickly and effectively engage their customers.

Our solutions will help you:

  • Develop a platform that enables your sales strategy.
  • Enable your salesforce with an easy to use platform and design.
  • Deliver Richer Insights via 3D, Touch Interactive Animations & Videos: We engage our creative and animation teams to develop stunning 2D and 3D graphics and animations.
  • Capture real time analytics on usage.
  • Instantly distribute the latest, high quality content to your sales teams.
  • Allow your sales teams to develop custom presentations with approved collateral.
  • Follow up with customers by sending key information directly from the platform.

Each solution is custom-built to meet your needs. Our teams will partner with you every step of the way to manage all aspects of the end-to-end process from strategy planning, ideation, design, development, deployment, communications, training, adoption and analytics.

Each solution is custom-built to meet your needs. Our teams can partner with you every step of the way to manage all aspects of the end to end process from strategy planning, ideation, design, development, deployment, communications, training, adoption and analytics.



Total Access is a unique, one of a kind customer engagement platform specifically built for the rigors within the Commercial phase of the Life Sciences Industry. With a one-stop platform for all your approved marketing assets/sales collateral needs, your biggest marketing cost center can work more efficiently and effectively with your various HCP stakeholders-whether your reps are online or offline.

How is Total Access Different?

  • Our platform is not a CRM system; it is best described as a Customer Engagement Platform for sales force enablement optimization
  • Designed and developed from the ground up for the Life Sciences industry
  • Adaptive presentation branching to follow any expected HCP driven presentation scenario
  • Easy to use with on the fly highly personalized content flow to improve HCP engagement, powered by our proprietary conversation modeling methodology
Marketing Content

Marketing Promotional HCP Content/Sales Collateral

We have deep expertise with the creation, design, and testing of highly interactive, engaging HCP content/messaging. With our own in-house Medical Advisory Board group of board certified physicians, we can conduct extensive qualitative testing of HCP personal content to insure our clients achieve maximum HCP engagement.

iCube can provides the following services in this area:

  • Live physician qualitative testing of current marketing content with our Medical Advisory Board group.
  • Design and creation of new HCP promotional personal and non-personal marketing content.
  • Real-world controlled double-blind field testing of new sales collateral conducted through our CSO affiliate teams for any physician targeted specialty.
  • Adaptive, personalized content creation designed via our proprietary HCP conversation modeling methodology.
Product Launches

New Product Launches

Launching a new product in the healthcare industry is a herculean task due to the challenges faced in this industry today. The wider economy, pricing pressure, competition, increased regulation and lower government healthcare spending are just some of the challenges.

Partnering with iCube Inc will help your business in:

  • A well-planned product launch.
  • Defining clear launch goals.
  • Measuring the effectiveness and becoming a key point to attract more customers.


Analytics are an integral part of an organization, as the executive decisions should be based on accurate and insightful data. The business plan of any organization is always based on analytics, which will help to assess the business environment accurately and predict future trends.

Our scalable, and advanced analytics can create more value for your organization by:

  • Moving you closer to the consumer.
  • Creating compelling value that strengthens your brand and attracts and keeps customers.
  • Strengthening decision-making.

The Background

A global surgical solutions and medical devices company needed an innovative solution that would help them meet their strategic sales and marketing goals as well as resolve the existing technology and compliance challenges they were facing.

Sales Goals

  • Seeking to increase sales and optimize their salesforce.
  • Achieve more effective sales conversation with customers based on their role.

Technology Needs

  • A platform effective enough to engage the customer in less than 2 minutes.
  • A way to consolidate content from 50+ existing and disparate enterprise apps to one powerful, consistent and effective platform.

Compliance/ Deployment Challenges:

  • Required extensive security and approval processes to ensure compliance 100% of time.
  • Ability to quickly and frequently update content seamlessly to hundreds of Users.

The Solution

Prior to the engagement, Sales Reps were focused on selling single products to their Customers. We partnered with our client to shift the strategy from a single product focus to a procedural selling methodology. The procedural selling methodology allows Sales Reps to communicate the true value of the company's product portfolio by viewing the solutions on a Specialty and Procedure level. In addition, Sales Reps are able to have a more effective conversation with Clinical Customers by focusing on what matters to them.

To enable the strategy, we developed an innovative eDetailing platform called 'Total Access.' Total Access allows Sales Reps to engage their Customers with rich content and have a comprehensive conversation about the entire product portfolio through a procedural conversation. Long gone are the days of switching through multiple apps to find what you need. With Total Access, Reps have quick access to the content they need, wherever they need it, for the specific Customer they are talking to. Intuitive and simplified UI/ UX allows the Rep to quickly navigate to different sections of the app and capture their Customer's attention within a short time frame. An effective content management tool and streamlined compliance process allows marketers to continuously share the latest content with hundreds of sales reps and stay 100% compliant 100% of the time.

The Results

  • Successfully launched the new sales strategy to over 700 Sales Reps throughout the US.
  • Helped contribute to a 3.5% increase in US Sales.
  • Resulted in over 10 million dollars in savings by consolidating and utilizing one effective platform vs. multiple product specific enterprise apps.
  • Streamlined process for product launches and updates through one consistent, compliant and highly effective tool to share information with sales reps.
  • Enforced standards across the board in branding, technology, compliance, etc.
  • Increased compliance effectiveness by 100%.